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Upcoming Stuff This Summer/Fall-

Solo Stuff-

The Uninhabitable 

Lancaster, PA
•Opening Reception: September 10th, 5pm

•September - December

Mural Project
Presented by Elixr Coffee
And co-sponsored by The Print Center
Philadelphia, PA
-There will be a supplemental poster available, printed at the Borowsky Center at Uarts.
•Opening Reception: September 5th

•September - December

Amze Emmons: Recent Work
Barcelona, Spain

Two Person Stuff-

Amze Emmons: Index/Codex
James HannahamThe Revelation of the Self-Evident 
Brooklyn, NY
•Opening Reception: September 12th

Group Stuff-

Braddock, PA

The Way They Tell It
The Episcopal Academy 
Newtown Square, PA

Pressure Points
Philadelphia, PA

Prints and the Built Environment
Lubbock, TX

Other Stuff-

You can find some recent zines of mine 
with my friends at Pepe Coletivo 
at the Tijauna Artist Book Fair
Sao Paulo

And more of my work can be found at these locations-
Dolan / Maxwell, Philadelphia
ParkLife, SF